How to Lace Up Pickleball Shoes? Effective Lacing Techniques

How to lace up your pickleball shoes? Proper lacing techniques in pickleball protect the player from different foot discomforts that can lead to severe injuries. The good lacing will support the feet and ensure the comfort and ability to go up for the long pickleball session. However, How to Lace Up Pickleball Shoes to seek optimal performance.

To lace up pickleball shoes, start at the bottom eyelets, crisscross the laces up to the top, and ensure a snug but not tight fit. Finish with a bow or double knot to secure. Adjust tension for comfort and support during play.

How to lace up pickleball shoes

Let’s cover these basic steps of Pickleball shoe lacing techniques in detail below so that the process can get more comprehensive for your understanding, or if you need to develop an expert edge in pickleball, lacing understanding will help you get a personalized fit.

Lacing up Pickleball

When you have found the right pickleball shoe fit, it would be easy to lace that fit in a manageable way because this process is easy to follow. You will quickly get the rocket science bend if you are familiar with the basics of lacing up pickleball shoes.

We are here to introduce you to all these minors of; How to lace pickleball shoes properly? So that you can get credible comfort results out of it.

  • To begin the lacing method of the pickleball shoes, you are required to initiate the lacing from the bottom eyelets. And also, you have to be sure about the threads of the laces. They should be even properly and have equal lengths on either side.
  • Make your way upward, reaching the top of the shapes by following up the crisscross method and moving the lace thread in alternative eyelets in a precise order.
  • Adjust the tension across the lace thread until you get comfortable to seek the snug fit. Simply do not overtighten the lace; overtightening might create problems and discomfort.
  • End the lacing with a knot at the top of the shoes so that the lacing does not get displaced while playing. In this regard, do not put the knot in its way that it would not open even after the play.

This is the most general method to follow up for shoe lacing. Sometimes, this lacing is not profitable for people with specific foot problems because every foot problem requires different fitness of shoes around the feet.

All the person dealing with such problems should go for the following Lace options for pickleball footwear;

Lock Lacing – Heel Slip Issue

  • You must lace up the shoes like described above until you reach the second last hole.
  • Reaching there, take the lace thread back to the final hole. You do not have to crisscross the thread as before.
  • Finally, thread out the lace on the opposite side by moving it through the loop.
  • After making it through the loop, tie up the knot of the laces, generally on the upper side of the shoes.

Gap Lacing – High Arches

  • Initiate the lacing method by passing the thread in crisscross action through the first set of eyelets of the shoes
  • Afterward, thread the lace to the sides of the boots rather than moving it alternately.
  • Later, follow the same alternate crisscross pattern for the final three or two eyelets.
  • At the end, tie up the knot to avoid displacing the lace while playing.

Additional Lacing Pattern Techniques

Apart from crisscrossing, some other types of lacing techniques are also available. These techniques are worthwhile and can be used per the player’s preference and the benefits they want. The pickleball players most commonly go for the criss-cross lacing because it is more convenient and understandable for newcomers.

Other than this, some common popular lacing patterns that are recommendable to use in pickleball include;

Lacing PatternFunction
Criss-CrossIt is the popular lacing option that most commonly proves worthy for aggressive pickleball players. The pattern is easy to follow but provides more efficiency than the other available options.
Straight LacingStraight lacing is time-consuming, but it finishes up the lacing with ultimate support, cushioning, and comfortability. Overall, it is a better option than criss-cross-lacing.
Loop lacingThis lacing technique is well-versed by the professionals and Best lacing patterns for pickleball shoes, providing secure foot fitness to the players. The player has to follow a real loop pattern.


How tight should I lace up my pickleball shoes?

Rather than looking for the extent of tightness, players should look for a snug fit that provides support without causing discomfort. Avoid over tightening to prevent circulation issues or pain during play.

Can players use any lacing pattern for pickleball shoes?

While various lacing patterns exist, the crisscross design is commonly used for pickleball shoes. It evenly distributes tension for a balanced fit and support.You should also experiment with other patterns if needed for personal comfort.

Is it possible to re-adjust the laces during play if they feel too tight or loose?

Yes, making adjustments is advisable if you feel discomfort or notice your shoes becoming too loose. During breaks in play, quickly assess the fit and re-tighten or loosen the laces as necessary to maintain optimal comfort and support.

Final Statement

How to Lace Up Pickleball Shoes? It doesn’t involve much effort and can be done in at least two minutes or less. Thus, when one is familiar with the proper lacing methodology, they ensure a secure and comfortable fit, providing essential support during the dynamic movements of the game. The appropriate tension helps prevent injuries by stabilizing the foot within the shoe.

Additionally, benefits of proper shoe lacing in pickleball includes enhancement of overall performance, allowing players to move confidently and efficiently on the court. Regular adjustments during play maintain optimal comfort, reducing the risk of blisters or discomfort.

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